Promotional Winners

As per the terms of NSW Permit No:

Announcement of prize winners; the promoter must ensure that the name of the winner of any prize exceeding $500 is announced in a newspaper, radio or television generally circulating in the area where the lottery was conducted, or internet in accordance with the rules of the lottery.

Innocenzo Pacenza78095Pump It Up$500 Fuel Card$500.009/10/2016
Molimau Fonoia70301Pump It Up$500 Fuel Card$500.0012/10/2016
Samorn Chhim97474Pump It Up$500 Fuel Card$500.0016/10/2016
Peter Sobbi11503Pump It Up$500 Fuel Card$500.0019/10/2016
Mirian Orrego108976Members Badge Draw$1,000 cash$1,000.0020/10/2016
Giwargis Giwargis59384Members Badge Draw$1,000 cash$1,000.0020/10/2016
Anthony Bava69413Pump It Up$500 Fuel Card$500.0024/10/2016
Ahmad Raad56808Pump It Up$500 Fuel Card$500.0027/10/2016
Maria Murdica16662Pump It Up$500 Fuel Card$500.0030/10/2016
Annette Shipley23957Shake & WinApple iPhone SE$665.6010/11/2016
Annette Shipley23957Shake & WinApple iPad Pro$755.0410/11/2016
Margret Mando62796Shake & Win$500 Gift Card$500.001/12/2016
Samir Toma74198Shake & Win$500 Gift Card$500.001/12/2016
Jacklyn Odisho16082Shake & WinApple iPhone SE$665.606/12/2016
Basima Mati97995Members Badge Draw$1000 Cash$1,000.008/12/2016
Isabella Lopreiato31935Shake & Win$500 Gift Card$500.008/12/2016
Thang Dat Ho67259Shake & Win$500 Gift Card$500.008/12/2016
Vivienne Magliarach74591Shake & WinApple iPhone SE$665.608/12/2016
Joseph Aminos27896Santa’s Scratch & Match$500 Gift Card$500.0021/12/2016
Apparizio Cavasinni1603Santa’s Scratch & MatchWestinghouse Fridge$848.0021/12/2016
Celine Riley58361Santa’s Scratch & Match$500 Gift Card$500.0021/12/2016
Nelsom Diaz31304Santa’s Scratch & MatchSamsung Galaxy View$782.8621/12/2016
Carmen Mendicino17829Santa’s Scratch & MatchLG Smart TV$774.5021/12/2016
Daniel Ippolito6462Santa’s Scratch & Match$500 Gift Card$500.0021/12/2016
Tina Carlet29045Santa’s Scratch & Match$500 Gift Card$500.0021/12/2016
Aprem Benjamin104665Santa’s Scratch & MatchBeef Eater Bugg BBQ$519.4821/12/2016
Thamer Alosh101829Members Badge Draw$6,500 Draw 1$6,500.0022/12/2016
Sougand Eshaghi60861Members Badge Draw$3,250 Draw 2$3,250.0022/12/2016
Lisiua Mesui51429Members Badge Draw$1,625 Draw 3$1,625.0022/12/2016
Elana Fante23066Members Badge Draw$1,625 Draw 4$1,625.0022/12/2016