Narellan Proposal

Dear Members,

Club Marconi has secured an option to purchase land at 2A Porrende Street Narellan to build and develop a Licensed Community Club to support the region. The intention is to apply for a Club Licence to operate the Community Club. This site has previously been approved as a club development for Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club. Easts have decided not to proceed with the club development and Club Marconi has now negotiated to acquire the opportunity, based on the existing approval granted to Easts by Camden Council.

The formal process for the Club at this juncture of the proposed development is that Club Marconi is required to apply for a new club licence and gaming entitlements for the premises. Prior to making any application for a licence to operate a club, it is essential that a Community Impact Assessment be carried out requiring independent community consultation.

In respect of this Community Consultation the Club has retained the services of Kathleen Swinbourne (Independent Consultant) to conduct an independent community impact assessment.

Below is a copy of:

  • Notice of intention to apply, setting out the address, proposed operating hours, and proposed activities and entertainment to be provided on the premises
  • Approved DA drawings of site

Feedback can include:

  • Any concerns you might have with the opening of a new club
  • Suggestions how Club Marconi might contribute to the local community
  • Services or resources you would like to see as part of the club

Feedback does not have to be in the form of a formal submission, but can be an email, letter, or by phone call.

If you have any questions about the proposal or the community impact assessment process, please contact Kathleen Swinbourne on:

Postal: PO Box 70

Berkeley NSW 2506

Mobile: 0412158314


View President’s Letter View Notice of Intention View DA Drawings

Vince Foti