Winter 2018
Our 2018 Programme was drawn up to enable the players to continue their monthly Friday Prize Nights and Competition Days with Sponsors and Prize Days. On Sunday 18 February we held the Bocciofila Championship Singles. The winner was Ennio Basso, with runner-up Terry Serafin.
The ladies singles were played on 16 March – the winner was Eileen Santolin with runner-up Rita Perencin. The Championship Doubles were held on Sunday 25 March – “Sports Carnival Day”. The winners of the mens doubles were TErry Serafin and Ennio Basso with runners up Giovanni Perencin and Peter Scapinello. Rita Perencin and Franca Bazzo won the ladies doubles with runners up Eileen Santolin and Rosanna Basso.
After the competitions the family came together for dinner. Captain Luigi welcomed Giuliana and Alberto Deppi from Windsor, Canada, who are currently visiting their Sydney relations.
Sincere thanks to the Sponsors and the Club Marconi Directors for their continued support and all the players who keep the Association, and this unique sport, thriving.
Thanks to all the players for supporting our competition days and prize nights. Congratulations to all the winners of the Bocciofila competitions.
Borella Enquiries:
Captain Luigi Volpato 0419 611 770
Vice Captain Giovanni Perencin 9604 7472
Email: eileen@santolin.org