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Trusted, proven, educational and of course fun!

At Busy Bees Music, our award-winning Kindermusik program delivers seriously fun neuro-musical classes. Imagine this: 45 minutes buzzing with laughter, bonding, and brain-boosting tunes, for you and your kiddo every single week. We’re all about that good stuff that makes kiddos’ brains light up. You know, the kind of fun that doesn’t just entertain but also shapes those little minds in all the right ways. That’s our jam!

Our neuro-musical classes are the perfect mix of fun, connection, family bonding and education all rolled into one. Research suggests that age appropriate playful experiences along with early introduction to age appropriate music in a warm and nurturing environment can permanently change the structure of the brain. That knowledge underpins everything we do at Busy Bees Music.

Each term comes with a cool theme, complete with a storybook, instrument, and all your class music and more on the Kindermusik app. Come join our beehive! It’s the best fun you’ll have all week. We guarantee it!

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