Annual Report 2023 | Annual General Meeting 2023

Club history

The idea of Club Marconi was fostered in the mind of a small group of inspired men with the simple desire to create a meeting place for members of the Italian Community in the Western Suburbs to play the traditional Italian bowls game of Bocce.

The dream progressed into a humble Bocce Club with 106 Foundation Members when it officially opened. From just five (5) acres of farmland, it has grown into a fully licensed multi-functional registered club with an outstanding 38,000+ members that is forever growing.

Club Marconi is named after Guglielmo Marconi. Marconi was highly regarded for his pioneering work in sending the first direct wireless message from Great Britain to Australia on September 22, 1918. In addition to this monumental achievement, Marconi switched on 2,800 coloured lights at Sydney Town Hall with a radio signal sent from his yacht Elettra in Genova.

A bust of Marconi which sits in the Club Foyer was donated by the Italian Government in January 1959. It is inscribed:

To Guglielmo Marconi 1874 – 1937, immortal genius of the Italian nation, who first with sciences wonders and spiritual wings linked Australia with the world, dedicated by the Italians of the Club that in Bossley Park,NSW, bears his name with fraternal guspices for the Australians of the future.

Club Marconi’s logo comprises of a boomerang, a transmission tower and a globe of the world. The boomerang, which consists of the Italian colours, symbolises the connection between Australia, Italy and the rest of the world.

Club Marconi is one of the largest, most modern and certainly most cosmopolitan Registered Club’s in Australia, not to mention the largest Sports Club in Sydney. Situated on thirty one (31) acres of parkland and playing fields at Bossley Park, in the midst of Sydney’s rapidly expanding Western Suburbs. Club Marconi is an oasis for entertainment, leisure and sport for the surrounding community.